Talk Therapy: Your Path to Healing and Growth!


Why Talk Therapy?


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves stuck or overwhelmed by life and need help finding clarity and direction.  Counseling is a valuable pathway towards finding balance and wholeness in your life. As your therapist, I approach my work with you with profound respect for your individual nature, values, and beliefs. The relationship that I develop with you is the most important tool that I use in helping you manage difficult life events. I will strive to empower you to access your strengths, which can create change and a new perspective. We will uncover things about you and your life that you may not have known before, allowing you to experience change and discover new possibilities.


When you visit my office or participate in video calls, we will work together to find solutions that are practical for you.  I believe amazing things can be accomplished when there is a connection, and when you feel truly heard and understood.  I strive to create a trusting and non-judgmental environment in which clients feel safe and supported.  I use a gentle sense of humor and a supportive, caring style to challenge you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. I am flexible, employing whatever therapeutic model fits the needs of my client.


Take a moment to visualize the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you will feel when you finally address these issues head on. My goal is to support your journey as you move towards a more fulfilling and peaceful life.


One of the main keys of therapy is working together on eliminating behaviors and belief patterns that inhibit personal growth. By using various approaches that are tailored to your needs, therapy will assist in the development of tools and skills, which will help support personal growth.  Ultimately, my hope is to be able to work with and assist those who are ready to take the next step towards a more fulfilling life.


I provide an initial free 15 minute phone, video, or in person consultation to determine your needs and provide you an opportunity to ask questions. Each counseling session is 45 minutes in length. We typically meet weekly for a period of time and then transition to bi-weekly, then monthly, as you implement the new skills into your life with success and confidence. Initial paperwork can be completed online once you have scheduled an appointment and your email address has been entered into my secure portal. 

Choose to be Happy!

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